Isabelle Menu's workshop

Atelier Isabelle Menu.

Fine art black and white prints on silver gelatine papers.

Custom black and white photo laboratory.

Large format fine art prints (up to 30 x 40 inches or 80 x 120 cm).

Prints taken from negatives or glass-negatives up to 9.5 x 12 inches or 24 x 30 cm.

Black-and-white film development.

Photo-etching, intaglio (see estampephoto).

Welcome to my workshop in Montreuil, which is located just outside Paris and easily reachable on line 9 of the Metro.

I have worked with photographers since 1988. I started out in the well-known Imaginoir black and white laboratory.
Since I founded my business in 1992 I have worked on many kinds of photo projects, which has further expanded my skills.
Most of my business is collection and exhibition prints.

The laboratory is now equipped with an enlarger allowing prints pulled from large format negatives (up to 9.5x12 inches or 24x30 cm).
Collection prints are available from 5x7 inches to large format prints (up to around 40X50 inches). I also do prints for portfolios at a lower price if need be.

All prints are hand made on quality silver gelatine papers such as those produced by Adox, Foma, Ilford and Tetenal for example.
The developer and fixer are chosen and checked to guarantee quality development. Prints are properly washed as per recommendations to ensure archival permanence.
After air drying, prints are flattened between neutral blotting papers. Then any dust is carefully spotted and removed.
Film development is done in a single-use bath.
Special development needs are possible and available upon request.

In addition to choosing the most suitable paper, each print has to get the best out of your work. My goal is to find the most flattering balance of light and shadow for all of your images.
I use an enlarger and the traditional techniques of burning/dodging to bring out the particular esthetics of every photography project.

The photographer is welcome to visit the lab while I'm printing so that we can discuss each point.
To be sure every customer gets the attention they deserve, please make an appointment before coming to the studio.

Isabelle Menu